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Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel? (Ezekiel 33:11)

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The Time is Now

Posted on December 31, 2014 at 11:45 PM Comments comments (0)

  1. Praise the Lord family and friends, I wanna share with you the word of the Lord that came to ME, and my prayer is that we all will examine ourselves and make the necessary adjustments in our lives to not only better ourselves, but mainly to impact this world for the Kingdom of God. Jesus said as he talked to his disciples that men's heart would be failing them for fear, because of things coming on the earth, and Apostle Paul in a letter to the Thessalonians by the Spirit of God said, there will be a falling away. And in the letter to Timothy, people would be given heed to seducing spirits and doctrine of demons (meaning), believers will want to hear that feel good message, and no longer want to hear sound doctrine. With all the troubles we see happening right here in America, to the family, to jobs, and the very moral fabric of society declining to a push for acceptance of, or shall I say, tolerance of things contrary to the word of God must not be tolerated by Christians. The Word of the Lord I heard was this-(Judgment starts in the house of God, I am coming back, there’s not much time, faith and trust is what I require, for without faith, you cannot please God, get your act together, the gifts and callings are without repentance, there’s work to do, a steward is required to be faithful, I have no pleasure that any should perish, tell my people that I Love Them, tell them, for my eyes go to and fro throughout the earth looking to show myself strong on those who'll take me at my word, holiness (living) is what I require). Family let me encourage you to not, and I mean this with all sincerity, do not allow self-condemnation, and condemnation from the devil get you to a point that you began to feel that God is mad at you. Listen, you have been made the righteousness of God, the price has been paid. I for one have made plenty mistakes, and even self-condemnation, but this one thing is sure. When we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. So we as children of God have to get to a place that we know this, and what God has spoken will come to pass. In John 16, Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. Also, our responsibility is to stay connected by holding to the word of truth that's in our hearts and believe the report. What do I mean by knowing? in John17, Jesus prayed that we may know God and that he loves Us. I pray Colossians 1:9 for you. Now, Grace, Mercy and Peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus the Christ. scripture ref. 2chron.16:9,1peter4:17,heb.11:6,2peter1:15,16,luke21:26,1tim.4:1,2thes.2:3 One last thing I’d like to say is that, the Lord said, Obedience is better than sacrifice. Blessings in Christ Jesus amen                   


Where's Your Foundation

Posted on February 20, 2014 at 7:00 AM Comments comments (0)

       In the parable of the foolish builders,Jesus began to show us an example of one who's foundation,meaning, your belief and trust,your action being demonstrated in calling Him Lord, an example of a solid and good foundation to stand on.                                    Some years ago when i was locked up,i began to experience God in a way i've heard preached,it was fresh and new and i often would think about it,looking at examples he showed me and seeing growth in my life praise God. There was a man,elderly and facing some time. He'll go to church services and we'd talk at different times,but one day his court date was up,so we had prayer that night. The next evening when he got back he was and i do mean visibly shaken and mad. I asked him how did it go and as he shook his head he said,(life)the time he got was basically a life sentence, him being already old. He said he'll never see his grand kids etc.. So me you know,i said hey,don't give up,God is still God and he can turn things for you,........his reply was (i don't wanna hear that)and he waved off his hands to say leave me alone.I went to my cell and felt so sorry for him and being to pray. I asked God to give him peace and restore joy to him and to strenghten him as he prepares to head out to serve his time. This scripture came to mind so i went to the bible and read it,luke 6:46.....................there has been many time i've seen people getting locked up,then go to the  services offered,you know what it is?(they get saved) now don't get me wrong i did the same thing,cause i began to realize that the backround i had and the call on me,the world would not answer,it answers to it's own. What i saw then was,and there's nothing wrong with one coming to Jesus in jail if that's what it takes,but many of them had no foundation to stand on,it was head and emotion knowledge than in the heart. I'm i saying that they all was like that,by no means,but when going thru some sort of trial and it doesn't go your way, and you began to say ah forget this bible stuff and even in your heart,curse at God for not coming thru,then it could be a variety of things why it didn't work out,but one thing i'd like to say is,no matter what we go thru,where is the foundation?. Who is the one holding or shall i say,who are you holding to,trusting and having the belief and demonstrating that belief by acting on what He says too.Jesus said why call me Lord and do not the things i say.  Well you might be saying that doesn't apply to that man situation,that's totally different,noooo on the contrary it is and does apply,just because  a person who starts reading the bible and acting different, doesn't mean you've made Jesus Lord,and it also shows that reading and going to church doesn't necessarily mean your foundation is firm. When you build a house,you have every intention on living in it,so likewise when it come to the word,you're reading,understand,applying and growing,you've moved into a House that's so strong that when winds blow it's still there because it's built on a rock. Let this be your time to re-evaluate and know your house is built on the solid foundation of Jesus the Christ...Blessing in Him....amen                  ref. luke 6:46-48 John15:19

The time is now-Forgive

Posted on January 22, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

 While praying i heard these words that came to me saying..........there are many who call upon my name and yet carry unforgiveness in their heart,then this scripture came,ps66:18 which says If i reguard iniquity in my heart the Lord will not hear me,then i heard there's no more time to continue carrying the things that so easily best you,forgive,forgive,release,for i will not change nor alter the things that's gone from my mouth,you must forgive and repent,i will heal your land..............I was then lead to read in 1Sam looking at then king Saul the first in Israel.   Saul was one who not only had an image to hold on to but he was worrying more about what the people thought than following God. In his eyes after being rebuked by Samuel the prophet about not obeying God he went as far as to say(Say On) when Samuel told him to wait til he comes back with word from God what to do. Now that in our time looking at that ,we'd say how arrogant you are,anybody know what i'm saying...............there maybe some of you who are what we say a people pleaser,worrying more about how and what folk gotta say. Ok now hear what,people are gonna talk anyways and the two things they're gonna talk about is something good or something bad(drum role and cymbal please)ting.   Look, what i didn't see in reading this story is repentance,Saul didn't repent,he continued on and did more acts that God said it repented him that he made Saul king(wow)what a statement. I dont' know about you but i for one want be one who cares what or how anyone feels when it comes to saying or doing what God has said and placed in my heart,and when it come to unforgiveness look,if You really want to be free than forgiving what someone has done to You frees You,then you gotta release them and decide to no matter what, you forgive and holds nothing against them,that doesn't mean you have to be all up in their face,but the word says Forgive that your Father in heaven may Forgive you. So if you have something against another and began to pray and remember you have aught(meaning a grievance)against another,before you offer up your gift to God he said Forgive,get it right,check that if you know what i'm saying,......let it go and pray for them,not that God will hurt/kill em but bless the word says..............It may take some time in the healing process but with you allowing God to really help you can do it. Well til next time may the Grace of the Lord continue to be with you as you abide in Him and know this ........................Jesus is Lord and coming back!!!!.................1Samuel 14&15,Matt 5:23 &6:14

Itching Ears (falling away)

Posted on January 21, 2014 at 6:00 AM Comments comments (3)

The Bible say there's coming a falling away, as times get worse and worse. We are the household of faith. The christian should be standing, but some will walk away.The Bible also says that ,they're those who will no longer want to hear the truth or sound doctrine. But instead wants to hear words that make them feel good, and encouraging, there is a warning  of the dangers of unrestrained sin, 2Timothy. Judgement starts at the house of God. Our Lord says He is coming for a church without spot or wrinkle, and the Word does not say, you can get saved, live how you choose, and go to heaven, when it says in Revelation, "nothing that defiles shall enter in".... There are some of you who know God has been talking to you about cleaning up your house, not sweeping it under a rug, and you've not listened.God said to Ezekiel. ..".they show much love with there mouth,but there heart is far from me" They will not do what they hear (ezekiel 33. If the lust of the things of this world has more place in your heart than your love for God,not that you don't love him but cares and concerns can enter end and choke the word in your heart...Jesus  said. "If you love me keep My words" What's your excuse.... Don't point a finger at another because you have three still pointed back at you. If you are a born again believer in Christ then, let not the sin that so easily besets you, be what hiders your growth in Christ Jesus.


If you are waiting on the Rapture but living in sin and unforgiveness, keep waiting.....God will not compromise His Holiness, and He does love you...But don't just go for the feel good message.... live for Jesus.......Change for good..... .Live Holy......

Refuse to Bow in times of pressure

Posted on January 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

  In the book  of Ester is an example of a man that held such a conviction to his Jewish heritage that a plot was cooking to not only kill him,but all Jews alike at that time and place. Mordecai had been in a place where he was used to foil a plot that was to assassinate the king,but ultimately to wipe out the Jews shortly after Queen Vasti's removal from her position being rebellious to the king call. He received nothing for his act of heroism,at least not immediate.Haman a high official to the king had a plot to kill Mordecai because he (refused)to pay homage by kneeling which a jew would bow only to God or reference their leaders.  After circumstances that would not only challenge him to his death,but all jews,he remained the same and was rewarded for what he'd done in the past,and placed him in a position that his enemy would crown and reward him in front of a nation,not exactly what Haman had in mind,but it was his mouth thinking he'd be exalted, turned to be the blessing for Mordecai and saving all jews living in that region.  We as christians pray,go to church,tithe,do our best to stay focused and be lead and yet,with all efforts,hell is breaking out in what seems to be a never ending overdrive!!!   God is a very present help in the time of trouble,he said he will never leave nor forsake us and still we are at times saying,ok God i hear that,but what's up now,i need ya now.  I've done it, thats why i'm writting,can you relate to this?     Listen as a kingdom kid we have promises of provision,protection,health which is all in salvation for us thru the Blood of Jesus...........     So if you are going thru and most likely you are,don't despair and cringe under the pressue against your flesh,and what ever it is you're going thru,don't allow the enemy  to attack and beat you up in your mind,that is the battle ground.   The bible says to gird up the lions of your mind and be constanly renewed and also knowing when and how to cast down the thoughts that tries to exalt itself against the word of God.  Yes our Father God is more than aware of what we are going thru,and at the same time child of God hear this......................STAND!!!!! let the peace of God guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus after you've done all you can..................STAND!!!STAND it's working for you just STAND.  I love you with the love of Christ and i pray the grace of our Lord Jesus be with you.................STAND  You've won already!!! STAND    STAND        STAND..........        ref. Ester-1Peter1:13,Romans12:1,2Cor.10:5,Heb.10:36,Col3:15amp      :):D:)

Be encouraged-P.U.J.C.B. press until Jesus comes back

Posted on January 17, 2014 at 8:00 AM Comments comments (1)

Every since i've read how Moses had this experience with God on a mountain,and especially when i saw the movie which i saw first before reading it.......I thought and wondered if it was true.   One day while in my room learning to seek God,i ask Him to show himself to me...i had to know for myself and not by someone elses story. Well as i sang and sang praises to him,all of a sudden....i heard my name......................then it got windy,and all of a sudden my knees felt like spaghetti look when its cooked.  Oh yes amen....and til this very day i'll never forget,nor can i deny it.....look-a-here......God show up in my room and i was as a dead man....(couldn't move),but i wasn't scared.   That would be an experience/encounter of more that happened over time,and another day He woke me up out my sleep and began talking to me.So now as i was praying i heard Him say and  now i communicate to you..............Jesus is coming back sooner than you think,and the sad thing about it is that, some are gonna get left behind.  (WHAT)!!!!....oh yeah,i'm not studdering.....some will get left see ever body talking bout heaven ain't going,and i'm not saying you'll never get in.....i'm saying,when the Rapture happens and it Will,don't get left,and make sure that you've made the right decission and living it. I've had times where things just looked straight feel happens,but you don't let go of the only  person who is able to deliver you from all troubles..........and Hell.....No other name,no other religion,no other thing,and certainly not on the merits of your good........?..good behavior. The only way is thru Jesus the Christ who took your place,for there is no other name where salvation is given except by and thru Jesus who is God incarnated in the flesh.What happen to Mose changed his life,and countless others also,and it'll happen for you if you truly want to know him for your self. Ten virgins while supposing to be waiting on the Bridegroom fell asleep.............then there was an alert that cause them to jump to their feet and get ready,they was headed out and five wasn't totally prepared,so as they rushed to get it together....they got left................if we fall asleep at the wheel,that's a drift we may not recover from,so continue to press forward and get ready for our Lord Jesus return to take us to the wedding...................Watch,Pray,Live Holy...........................this is a repost msg

Un-Faithful Leaders

Posted on January 16, 2014 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)


When I look at how God called Ezekiel, revealing his Glory, then tells him of his people in rebellion,i for what was happening at that time,then i heard a confirming word,and I was not happy.So now here am i starting on what God has said,and It hurts Him. Every person that's called in the ministry/five fold has a responsibility to God and to his people....I'm finding that out,so what i'm  saying and where am i going with this?.....easy ...Jesus said it would be better if a milestone were hung around your neck and you drown in the sea,then to lead one of these(little ones) astray,that's not just speaking only about children(for the religious folk,it says offend these little ones)matt.18:6....How is it that the word becoming flesh,the Holy child of God...God coming to take away our sin and us instruction by his own example when he was here,even show us in scripture that these things are written for an example,so we wouldn't have to follow what they did,(children of Israel and the leaders of that day)and yet,those who He has called to minister,lead and be an examlpe,teaching his word is doing the very thing that brings Judgement,and even worse if not repented of.......The scriptures calls it desperately wicked(the Heart of man)and might say.........What !!!!who you think you are!You don't call me Wicked!!!!....I didn't........(Yet) ....The Bible also prophesy a falling away and a certain Judgement Beginning at the House of God if you are reading this....Leader or not,and if you know there are things not right in your life,especially when it comes to handling God's word to His ----Not Yours---His warned and yes I said it,not encourage,Warned.......Repent.....If a righteous man is told he shall live and he begans to trust in His Own righteousness,and committs inquity and dies....None of His Righteous deeds will be Remebered ezekiel33:13...We have and serve a Merciful and Forgiving God...who is not willing that any should Perish 2Peter3:9....let this be the day...your day to Repent and live Holy......................................


Posted on January 16, 2014 at 3:00 PM Comments comments (0)

   When God gives you His word to speak,it's not to keep for yourself and to decide whether or not to tell it,nor is it for us to come to our own conclusion to what it means,especially when the Holy Spirit is teaching and giving us what to say and even understanding in order to prepare and deliver the message. That wasn't the case with the leaders during the Babylonian captivity in Ezekiel's time.He was shown by the Spirit of God what they(the leaders)was doing in that they thought they was secretly worshiping idol gods and they gave wicked counsel to the people in the city.  As Ezekiel spoke against them what God had shown and said,of course they were stirred up with anger and more,yet that didn't stop the prophet from doing what he was told.  Just as from an earlier blog i wrote...They thought he was crazy...Noah continued to preach of the coming of rain that not only came, but was so great it was for 40 days and nights.  So what am i saying.......Jesus said to Watch,meaning pay attention,stay alert,be on your guard,for we don't know when the Son of Man returns,yet we do know that He is coming,why?because He(Jesus)said it,that's it and that's all.My asignment is to tell of his coming,to let people know that Jesus is coming and whatever message he leads me to do.I grew up in a pentecostal church,and i've heard this message about the coming of Jesus for the church.    Has anything changed since that time?.....they the Israelites didn't think the babylonians was coming til it was upon them just as prophecied.  Am i prophesying to you........I'm telling you what's in the Bible  and what i believe God Almighty has instructed me to do, that is to warn my people and tell them...As I live saith the Lord God i have No Pleasure in the death of the wicked,but that the wicked turn from his evil ways and...Live!....Friend...Jesus is coming sooner than we all expect,that fact of the matter and reality is this........Will  you be prepared and Are you ready.    (The word comes from Ezekiel chapt.11,Matt.25,Gen.7,Ezekiel 33)....question????Do you wanna be ready?  Here's how you start...with your own mouth believing in your Heart you pray and thank God for forgiveness of all your sin which has been paid for thru the shed blood of Jesus who is God manifested in the flesh,then invite Him to come in and change you...get into a bible believing church where he'll show you and stay connected to him by being in the word, prayer and fellowship with like minded believers.....if you want prayer for whatever leave a message here at the prayer request section,prayer will  be done on your behalf...God loves you and Jesus is Lord

Get Your House In Order

Posted on April 6, 2012 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (1)


Noah who was called an heir of righteousness, not only build an ark as God commanded,he warned those of his day. They thought he was crazy,mocked him etc.....til the day he and his family entered the ark as God said and the flood came which was judgement. There is a Judgement coming upon the earth,upon all those left behind from what is the catching away of the Church-the Rapture.......As surely as in the days of Noah, so likewise this will happen......God said Be holy as I am Holy-thats having a mind set in agreement with what God say...period. No-man can come unto the Father accept they receive Jesus as Savior& ifs and's...but's...and without Holiness, no man shall see the Lord. If you are a pom-pom christian,doing what you want, how you want,living Foul and you know it's not in line with what God has been telling you.......Do not think you are going to be raptured living half hearted...warm/cold life....I'm not saying you want make it to Heaven,Jesus said I'm coming for a Church without spot or wrinkle. So what's the bottom line....Get Rid Of Right Now The Sin That So Easy Besets You,make the decision to live right before a Holy God who Will Not Comprimise His Holy Standard to let you in. God Loves you with an everlasting Love love Him by Obeying Him and get Your House(life)in Order..........................Hebrews 11....1Thes.4...1Peter1....John14.....Hebrews12



Are You Praying or Did You Quit 2Chron7:14

Posted on April 4, 2012 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (1)

"If my People who are called by My name,shall humble Themselfs,seek My face,and turn from Their wicked ways,then will I hear from Heaven,forgive their Sin,and Heal their land."  I came up in a praying church as a youth,my home church was & still is known for being a praying church,so what was instilled in me especially by my grandmother who prayed all the time is the seed/spirit of praying.Now God has placed me in another church where i'm learning what it means to pray,live by faith,to have peace, by pray the word of God....i'd never heard,God response to his word,and at one point in our life,we prayed in ignorance thinking that if we're saved and as long as it was or shall i say ended in Jesus name,we're good. .....scripture says God allowed things meaning man did wrong until the law came into play,That simply means now we are coming into the  knowledge of the truth therefore doing what we feel that's lining up by the word is not only ignorance of possibly not knowing,but ignorance of just not doing. Prayer does change prayer/lack of prayer gets no/lack of whats desired.God said...if His people would pray...and remember his house(who's we are)is to be a house of prayer.........with all the things that are happening in the world,it didn't have to be if only(God's people would Pray).There's a component to this in order to have it heard by the Father and answered.........Psalms 66:18..If you hold to (iniquity) the continual practice of sin in your heart...then the Lord Will Not Hear God says..if my people,who are called by my name would humble themselfs(consider your ways)and pray and seek my face...most importantly but not taking away from the scripture....Turn from Your Wicked ways....the results following is  God said that ...."Then will i Hear from heaven...forgive their sin and Heal their land". Question......what are you doing? Are you on a daily living Holy,seperate,devoted lives to God so that your prayers will be heard and God can move in this nation,this land,your land,and do what he said he will do......Heal it. When God commissioned Ezekiel,he said,if you see the sword coming and you do not give them warning from me....they will be taken away in their inquity,but their blood i will require at the watchman hand.................There has been and still is going forth from our God a call and command to........Live Holy,Walk in Love,Forgive,Pray,and most of all...........Worship....stay in his presence.........question?????? What are you doing.........Are You Praying................His word you hide in your heart,that you may not sin against Him..psalms119:11......So question?.Are You Praying,reguardless of how you feel,and even when things looks so gloomy....Are You Praying..standing in the gap for people..............Some one Did For You



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