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Say unto them, As I live, saith the Lord GOD, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live: turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Israel? (Ezekiel 33:11)

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Once saved-When Words Go Un-heeded

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

I've told people, “ Yeah man, don't worry bout it…just ask for forgiveness, your saved.” ( ..........That was just dumb...... ) I've read many times, “work out your own salvation”, not knowing about the Holiness of God. The scripture also says, “harden not your hearts”, you might have read it too...... The examples are written for our instructions, so that we wouldn't have to fall into the same patterns of unbelief, which lead to our destruction. Those who haven't been taught, or heard the Word, could be found blameless. But if they have heard the Word and chose not to except, and believe, they have responsibility for maintaining their free gift of salvation….they are clueless.. If you really think that, all you gotta do is get saved, and go on about your life, unchanged, just remembering to go to church, and give God his props, you’re cruzin for a bruising!! Here's a pin in your balloon......God said...”Be Holy for I am Holy” ...and nothing in that says, only on Saturday night into Sunday for a bit. Ezekiel 33:12- If a righteous man begins to trust in his righteousness, then he dies, not one of his righteous deeds will be remembered, nor save him....why? Because he thought he was ok! He thought he could trespass/transgress (which means, rebel or sin)...and then just go to God who is forgiving. God is a forgiving God, however He will not be mocked. Likewise if a sinner/wicked man takes heed to a warning givien to him and he turns from sin (repents), and lives right, even unto the point of death, he shall be forgiven...........

Now...lets rap......Jesus said “if you abide (stay united to Him producing fruit) (? Prospering?) in Me and I in you, then are you My disciples” Jn15. But if you don't, then just like a branch that is broken off and used for firewood…simply are you….. The standard for us as Christians is high than 1Peter 4:18 which says that we'll be scarcely saved... Why? To willfully and deliberately live like hell, refusing to forgive, walk in love, obey God, just because you ‘think’ you’re ‘saved’, after all you prayed the prayer…is an insult to the Blood of Jesus! Not one time do you read that Jesus dipped and dived a lil bit, here and there. If He had sinned, then not only is our walk vain, but how shall we live....

If you have received Jesus as your Savoir & Lord then love Him by Obeying Him...then what will be for those who do not obey the Gospel??????? God has no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but “ If the wicked will turn from their wicked ways and repent, I will hear from Heaven “. Who is wicked? Probably you . Do you love God that no-matter what, you have made the decision to Obey. So what if you've messed up ! It's your act of an obedient heart that he looks at.. Listen....Make a Decision & Act on It..... Make a Decision & Act on It !!! If you truly love Jesus.. Obey Him, He's So Worth it........ Amen...God Bless


They thought he was Crazy

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When i was little i was fascinated with stories from what we call the bible days,Samson&Moses,Elijah,the life of Jesus.......but as i got older they began to mean more than just stories,but Real life events. Archealogical finds would prove what's been written in the book.......A man name NOAH...heard the voice of God&was instructed to build an was becauase of so much evil that he(God) would start over with his was more than that. To sum it up.....the people thought Noah was straight the scale..bananas,you hear me!!!..til the flood came...that event has been proven.......likewise Jesus said he'd come back to get his church after he ascended to Heaven.......the signs are here and the word to you thats reading this is do not have time to play with means so much to God that he Died for you to Live....Jesus is Coming sooner than you think!!!!!!! If you get left behind...It's Your yes this is a warning & hopefully to encourage you to get your house(life)in order.....I will not say I'm sorry.....there is No-Other Way except thru Jesus as Savoir of your don't be fooled...they thought Noah was crazy til it Happen......................Jesus is Lord



The Influence Of Leadership

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I can recall as a child playing with my brother&sisters at home,church.........i'd be the pastor and we'd sing songs,have a shouting time,then play somthing else afterwards,like the superfriends. Now i 'm seeing that those days was actually in the mind of God,training for his call on me. I haven't fully moved into ministry yet,though it's coming....development of character,trust,being able to minister the word of God is a process,especially because it's Gods Word....not to be taken likely. Apostle Peter who walked with Jesus understood this and wrote as led of the Holy Spirit about christian conduct.He saw and grew in his development as a leader that would now be a great influence to others in the walk as a Disciple of Christ...he was influenced so much that  when he was killed,he said he wasn't worthy to be crucified as Jesus was,and they did it Upside down. He also like Paul gave warnings to be on alert because of false prophets and teachers that will come and deceive many to follow them,using God's name to make their case. That alone to the ones who do so is dangerous,and to those in leadership position are held to an higher standard because they minister the word of God......don't be mistaken,all will give an account. Look no further than Jesus when it comes to one who's influence reigns supreme to this very day....lives have been transformed from the dumps to greatness because of Jesus....some have taken his word and twisted it to fit themselfs,and to manipulate others for greed in every form,but Never the Lord Jesus who said,I came that you might have life and life more abundandly. There are people who have influence and not all are in positions of authority but this is about those who Are.....It's has to be looked at as more than an honor to be one who brings the word to the people of God,the word that is being spoken is the very life and power that God himself spoke when he created. So that life who sit and hear what you say will have an effect that's eternal. So why do indivuals risk their very soul by deliberately taken the word of God to lead others astray,for selfish gain that will Perish. Ezekiel prophesied and while doing so one of the Leaders dropped dead....Simon the sorcerer saw how when hands were layed ,people received the Holy Spirit and he wanted to get it and offered money of which he was rebuked and told to repent......both had who died didn't do as he was suppose to..his name was Pelatiah,and Simon thought to manipulate people for selfish gain...what happen cannot take the word of the Living God, hurt,manipulate,deceive,lead astray and don't experience judgement if you don't take heed to the convictions&warnings to stop&turn.......If you are in positions of influence for Jesus,than be mindful of your responsibilty,which is altimately and a fearful thing to falls in the hands of the Living God..........




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